What is FLCamTest.com?

  • The goal of this site and program is to increase education and understanding of the community association concept in Florida. If nothing else is accomplished but that, we will consider this site a huge success.

What services do you offer?

  • We are growing the scope and content of the site on a daily basis. Our plan is to provide content and information to all those interested in learning more about community association issues. Those people range from those who are learning about the industry all the way to people who have received the community association institute’s highest designation (“PCAM”).

How long has the site been online?

  • I’ve been teaching the CAM pre-licensing class since 2007. In doing so, I created my own curriculum, wrote the class material, and created a practice question bank. I’ve updated the material every year since them. The idea for FLCamTest.com was born in the summer of 2013 when a student asked me to email her my practice questions because she could not find anything of similar quality online. After doing my own online search, I too was unable to find the quality of questions that I had prepared. I decided to create this site and make my question bank available to those looking to increases their knowledge to passing the CAM test. The site has grown in quality and content from there.


Jerry Burg

Jerry has been managing condominium and homeowner associations since 1998. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in Engineering Mechanics and holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University and a Masters Degree in Business from the University of Northern Colorado. Jerry teaches the State required CAM licensing class for Gulf Coast State College and has contributed to the CAI magazine Common Ground.

Jerry is licensed by the State of Florida and has earned Community Association Institute’s (CAI) designations of Association Management Specialist (AMS), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), and Profession Community Association Manager (PCAM).