Florida HB7037 Passes Legislature – headed to the Governor for signature

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floridaLast week both of the Florida legislative bodies passed HB7037 regarding Residential Communities and specifically the Regulation of Community Association Manager responsibilities. The bill is on its way to the Governor to sign as we speak. ¬†As I said in a previous blog post, this really isn’t the forum to debate the merits of the contents of the bill (although I think most of it is very good), it’s important to have an understanding of the bill because if you’re taking the CAM exam after June 1, this material will likely be in the test. It’s also important to know the scope of your responsibilites as a CAM AFTER¬†you pass the exam. ūüėÜ ¬†Remember though, this bill doesn’t become law until its is signed by the Governor, so keep checking back here and we’ll let you know when and if it gets signed.

What the bill does is clarify the roles and responsibilities of the CAM. He are the tasks that CAMs always thought they could do and now can definitely do: 

  • determining the number of days required¬†for statutory notices
  • determining amounts due to the¬†association
  • collecting amounts due to the association before¬†the filing of a civil action
  • calculating the votes required for¬†a quorum or to approve a proposition or amendment
  • drafting¬†meeting notices and agenda
  • calculating and preparing¬†certificates of assessment and estoppel certificates
  • coordinating or performing maintenance¬†for real or personal property and other related routine services¬†involved in the operation of a community association
  • complying with the association’s governing documents and the¬†requirements of law as necessary to perform such practices

Here’s the things that are new

  • completing¬†forms related to the management of a community association that¬†have been created by statute or by a state agency
  • negotiating monetary or performance terms of a¬†contract subject to approval by an association
  • drafting pre-arbitration demands

As a practical tip, just because you are a CAM and CAN do those task, does not mean you SHOULD do those tasks.  For practitioners, but careful out there, and for prospective test takers, learn those new bullet items.  


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