Florida House Bill 7037 – CAM Unlicensed Practice of Law

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imagesThere’s a proposed bill in the Florida which, if passed, will directly affect they way CAMs do their job. In recent years and months, there’s been some back and forth on what is considered the “unlicensed practice of law” when it comes to association management.  Others have already written good articles on that topic here and here.   In the current legislative session, there’s House Bill 7037 which hopes to expand the ability for association managers to complete what most people assume are regular aspect of their job. These responsibilities include the following:

  •  determining the number of days required for statutory notices
  • determining amounts due to the association
  • collecting amounts due to the association before filing of a civil action
  • calculating the votes required for a quorum or to approve a proposition or amendment,
  • drafting meeting notices and agendas
  • calculating and preparing certificates of assessment
  • responding to requests for certificates of assessment 

It seems like these responsibilities are wholly accepted by the association management and legal communities.  However, the bill also proposes that managers should be able to negotiate contracts, file liens and releases, and send pre-arbitration demands. There’s some push back from the lawyers on letting CAMs do these tasks.  Whether CAMs should or shouldn’t be allowed to do these task is not really a discussion for this blog.  The purpose of this post is to make you aware that there’s legislation out there which if passed, would directly affect the roll and responsibilities of every CAM in the state. I’ll certainly post an update when and if this bill, or some form of it, gets passed. Everybody who is current or wants to become a CAM needs to keep an eye on this proposed legislation.  


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