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ThumbWe created this site because we enjoy teaching the material and wanted to find a way to expose the curriculum to more people.  As a result, we get a variety of emails from people with comments or questions, etc.  We received the following email below and wanted to share it with the community. This is why we’re doing this!


I took my first pre-exam two day course in December.  I had a million excuses for moving my exam date ahead.  Once, twice…three times.  Finally I said, that’s it.  Sink or Swim.

I tried to organize the piles of materials for that last three weeks so that I could get the most out of my time studying.  I had the class book, my notes, quiz cards online, sample study exams from the course instructor.  Finally, just barely two weeks before the exam, I stumbled upon  I put aside all of the other study materials and went through it over and over.
When the day came and the test was there in front of me, I froze.  After reading the first three questions, I thought for sure I was doomed.   I went through the entire 100 questions and answered those that I knew immediately, then I went back to concentrate on the other two thirds!  I read and re-read.  I finished after two hours and not feeling very confident.  But when the receptionist placed the sheet in front of me and I turned it over…I just saw one word in the middle of the page.  Passed.
Well, I was elated and stunned.  I believe the crash study I ran at least four hours a day for two weeks on had simply embedded the information I needed into my head and I went into autopilot.
Even if you find this website late in the game, just do it.  It’s well worth it.
Brooke Horne  LCAM! License #CAM43097




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